Planning Alaska Travel for My 40th

I’ve started the early planning stages of my Alaska travel for my 40th birthday next year. My ultimate goal is to see the Northern Lights which means I’ll be celebrating earlier than May Day if all goes to plan (February and March are the ideal times, and I’ll be able to get extra miles from the UGGs!). Now don’t think I got on the Gov. Sarah Palin bandwagon (I know at one point she was assisting with the travel Alaska campaign) with my interest in visiting the Last Frontier State. Last year was the “travel Alaska” summer for my circle because it seemed as though every other person had visited the 49th state whether on a cruise or land tour.

And because just about everyone else has gone, it’s my turn join the “travel Alaska” bandwagon but do something different. Winter might not happen, it’s VERY cold that time of year, so, I've been tooling around the website of my new friends, Alaska Denali Tours, who offer spring, summer, and fall Alaska travel packages.

I’d love to visit Denali National Park (okay, it’s Denali Park to those of you in the know) to see the “big five” – caribou, Dall sheep, grizzly bears, moose, and wolves, in addition to the spectacular scenery. Would also like to see overwhelmingly huge glaciers, tall mountain peaks, and endless sky along with small, authentic towns where moose make the traffic rules, like “Northern Exposure.” Am pretty sure I could find an Alaska travel package offering just that and Alaska Denali Tours may just do that. Stay tuned as I figure out exactly what I want to do.


Anonymous said…
Hey Jenn, sounds like a fun trip. I have worked in Alaska and the far north quite a bit. When you get up North of latitude 60 you will really have crossed the line. Its a different world.
Oh and if you want to see Northern Exposure's town you will have to visit Roslyn Washington where it was filmed. The "Brick Bar" is worth a visit and you'll do fine as long as you tell folks that you love loggers.
Anonymous said…
You go for it - and I know that you will.
Be sure and go fishing just one time for salmon and halibut. I went to Ketchekan in 1985 and it was a dream of a life time.

You are amazing, Jenn.

Matthew said…
I'd love to go back to Alaska. Maybe I can convince my wife to move there.

Try to make a stop in Ketchikan--it was a nice little town.