Need to Repair Credit? DSI Solutions May Help

I heard a radio interview this morning with a new business which opened up in the community recently and he remarked how during a recession some companies do poorly but at the same time, other companies flourish. I imagine credit repair companies are one of those flourishing from the economic recession because it’s important more than ever to have good to excellent credit.

One of those companies that help people fix credit are my friends at DSI Solutions. No company can really repair credit for anyone but companies like this can help put people back on track to achieving good credit. People with bad credit can go about doing the same thing a credit repair company does, however, sometimes it’s just easier having someone else do the job.

For an initial fee of $19 plus three payments of $89, DSI Solutions guarantees debt reduction results by the 60th day. Having been in business for seven years, they offer a money back guarantee that you’ll like the results. They also promise to update clients weekly and tout their personal service.

I haven’t used this service, nor any other credit repair company, and I’m not in the "fix credit" industry. I did run a Google search and as with every business, there were positive and negative reviews although I only found one negative review. When looking for a repair credit company, be sure to do your homework and make the best choice for you.