My Two Cents About ABC's The Bachelor Jason Mesnick

If you're not in the reality T.V. know, ABC's The Bachelor Season 13 Jason Mesnick flip-flopped on his decision of which woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with last night (well, he decided six weeks ago, the episode aired last night). When the show was down to two women, he proposed marriage to Melissa but last night he dumped Melissa for Molly, whom he originally rejected for Melissa. Are ya with me?

Talk shows and the blogosphere have been burning up with comments saying Mesnick was wrong to propose marriage to Melissa and wrong to dump her on national television. I've seen some comments saying it was a cowardly act. I support his decision of breaking up with Melissa, he's realized Molly's the one for him (at least for right now).

Here are my overall thoughts on the matter:
  1. Mesnick should never have been on The Bachelor or the preceding The Bachelorette because he has a kid. How confusing for that poor child! Not only to introduce him to potential step-moms then toss them aside but to throw the T.V. element into it. Can't believe the kid's mother approved (Mesnick is a divorced dad if you didn't know).
  2. The final two women he narrowed his selections to are too young. He's 32, Molly's 24 and Melissa's 25. Are either one of those women prepared to be a step-mom?
  3. Do we really watch The Bachelor and other reality T.V. dating shows to see a happy ending or do we watch to see others be rejected after pouring their hearts out only to have them stomped on?
  4. Mesnick's move gives hope (perhaps false hope) for every woman who's been dumped by a guy whom she knows was the one, that he'll eventually realize the mistake he made in letting her go.
  5. It took a lot of cojones to do what he did. Sure, he could have not proposed to Melissa but he was probably caught in the moment and once the reality T.V. magic wore off he had the guts to follow his heart rather than continuing a lie. Would it have been better if he had ignored his feelings, saw Melissa a few times then quietly broke it off and disappeared? It probably would've been better for Melissa but then again, she was on a reality T.V. show and "T.V." trumps "reality."
  6. Or if you believe in conspiracy theories, has posted, "That was part of the deal," according to Mesnick. (Source:, "The Bachelor Fallout, Plus Jillian as Next Bachelorette")
  7. Let's keep things in perspective. Chances of falling in love with and meeting your soul mate are slim on a reality T.V. show. How many of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette couples have actually married? I think one, Trista and Ryan, the super successful poster couple for the show (BTW: haven't we merged their names together yet, can we officially call them "Tryan," like "Brangelina"?). And look at Bret Michaels, he's into Rock of Love 3 (what happened to the women he chose in ROL 1 & 2?) and Flavor of Love went through three cycles, too. Come on, true love isn't going to happen in six weeks in a controlled, fantasy setting.
  8. ABC announced Jillian, one of the bachelorettes rejected by Mesnick, is the next Bachelorette. I'm wondering when ABC will have an African-American bachelor or bachelorette.
  9. Do we really believe Mesnick and Molly are going to live happily ever after?
What's your take? Was he right or wrong?


Anonymous said…
Way to go, Jenn! You keep on spending that money cautiously and let Mr. Obama know the real facts.

Great article.