Live Tweeting from the Sarasota Film Festival

If a year ago you told me I'd be at some celebrity-studded event capturing it all with a smart phone I would've said you were crazy. But that's what's happening this and next weekend when I'm joining two other micro-bloggers during the Sarasota Film Festival.

You know the drill, you've followed my Twitter tweets from Italy to Mexico and Key West to the Presidential Inauguration and the South Beach Wine & Food Festival to Maple Madness in Massachusetts.

But this time, this is an "official" gig to live tweet from the Sarasota Film Festival (March 27 - April 5) and an opportunity to do what I have a passion: documenting and capturing moments in 140 characters or less. Check out the blog post over at called "Ain't it Tweet" and you'll read about my role in this micro-blogging trio (after all, this is the film industry which is full of all sorts of characters).

If you're a Twitterer, feel free to follow me at @jenniferhuber or just check out the feed on the right hand side of my blog. If you're attending the Sarasota Film Festival feel free to use the hash tag #SRQFILM which is what we'll be using.

Time to charge up the camera batteries, clear up camera memory and study who'll be at the Sarasota Film Festival and what flicks I should see. Stay tuned!