Do I Have Anything Else to Say? Yes, But No Time

Have no clue where the time went this week. In one aspect I'm extremely happy it's Friday night but at the same time, feel as though I'm treading water. Suppose it's a good thing. I'm working on a new project which is growing bigger than I thought. It's for the Sarasota Film Festival and I'll be doing live tweeting during the entire 10-day festival. If attending the festival, too, the hash tag is #srqfilm, feel free to use it.

Tomorrow it's off to the Florida International Air Show at the Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda. I have access to the V.I.P. tent so expect live tweets from there, too.

And Sunday it's off to Florida EcoSafaries at Forever Florida for a Zipline Safari. Wheeee! A high school classmate who lives in the Tampa area went a couple of weeks ago and convinced me to do the same. I'm also going before their Florida resident special runs out at the end of March. There are seven zips with two sky bridges. Honestely, I have no clue what that all means other than COOL! I can bring a camera but it needs to be on a strap that spans from my shoulder to my hip. I'm working on that. Stay tuned!

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