Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign with iContact

I recently wrote an article offering three no-cost marketing tips for tourism businesses (you can check the Suite101 sidebar to find it). I admit I wrote this out of frustration over businesses trimming and eliminating marketing budgets during the recession. As I say in the article, this is the time to beef up marketing and advertising efforts (look at Disney, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart) and an email marketing campaign is an excellent way to do it. This isn't a no-cost marketing tip but a cheap marketing tip, invest in an email marketing software such as that offered by my friends at iContact.

I know several tourism businesses which execute a successful email marketing campaign with iContact's Email newsletter tool and it’s extremely affordable, cost begins at $9.95 a month and I think any marketing budget can support that.
Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies use iContact. The political campaign for Barack Obama ‘08 even used the email marketing software. Here’s a quick overview of what I know about iContact and why it’s a groovy email marketing software source:
  • Choose from 300 professionally-designed email templates
  • Track the open and click through rate of emails
  • Develop a relationship with customers by offering a newsletter sign-up form on your Web site and manage the subscribers
  • Bounce back emails are managed
  • Minimizes non-delivery issues by getting the email into the inbox
What are you waiting for? Get going with one of iContact’s email newsletter. Or, check an over video by clicking here. The recession is the time to get your marketing message out there so give iContact a try with their 15 day free trial.