Shopping for the Cadillacs of Luxury Watches

Just because the economy isn't ideal right now doesn’t mean people can’t pamper themselves a bit with a designer purse or maybe one of the lovely luxury watches available these days. There’s no need to head to New York City and walk the streets to find these deals, shopping is easier in the 21st century and can be done online with the click of a mouse.

Looking for the Cadillac of watches, the Tag Heuer? Or what about the little timeless bling from Cartier? Better yet, try something modernly fashionable with Movado. My friends at The Watchery are the primary source for luxury watches and shopping can be done from the comfort of the couch.

I’ve been browsing the Movado selections and really like the Capelo (pictured). The citrus colors are refreshing and different. I love wearing eclectic accessories and these Movado watches fit that criteria. The Capelo design is classic with a hint of bling and the price seems all so right. Designer, luxury watches for 68% off? Okay, that’s still more than $400 but Obama has asked us to stimulate the economy, right? Using the stimulus check to buy some nice wrist candy is truly patriotic.

Don’t think something slim shady is going on here. These fabulous watches are new, authentic, and have their own serial numbers.

Checking out from The Watchery is easy. They accept the usual plastic suspects (AMEX, Disc, MC, Visa) but they accept Google Checkout and PayPal. PayPal – my favorite way to pay. They've also been on eBay since the 99 and have a very HIGH satisfaction rating.

Go ahead and take a gander, what’s your fave?