Making a Promise to Myself: The Fight Against Heart Disease

Hate to say it, but family history says I’m a heart attack, or at least a stroke, waiting to happen, which is where my friends at the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women, Chiquita, and Fresh Express, come into play to educate people about the fight against heart disease. See, my grandmothers suffered and subsequently died from strokes, my grandfathers died from heart attacks, and it’s pretty clear heart disease is a family thing.

Several years ago my bad cholesterol ranked high (but so did the good) and blood sugar indicated I was borderline diabetic. My physician put the fear of god into me so with the assistance of a nutritionist, I learned to change my eating habits, add exercise, and change how I live life to fight against heart disease.

One of the most important things the nutritionist, and more recently the Miss America gym trainer, taught me was to eat low on the food pyramid and reduce eating processed foods. I’m eating more fruits and veggies and when I enjoy Fresh Express and Chiquita products (because I don’t receive all the fruits and veggies I need in my weekly farm share), I can now help in the education and fight of heart disease by enrolling in the Fresh Funds program.
Fresh Funds is a loyalty rewards program where points are earned from purchasing marked Fresh Express and Chiquita products. Points can be redeemed for groovy prizes and better yet, be donated towards the education against heart disease.

Living a healthy lifestyle is difficult and takes planning and commitment, but I’m committed to the fight against heart disease which is why I visited to “Take a bite out of the odds.” I uploaded my image, wrote my brief story as to why I’m making this promise to myself, and how much I donated by buying either a Fresh Express or Chiquita product. I really did it, see the above screen shot of me?

And guess what? You can “Take a bite out of the odds” and join the fight against heart disease, too. Just visit to upload your image and tell your story. Heart disease is the primary killer of women, let’s go kick it!