I'm Pleased to Present...

I was asked to post a photo of grandma and after sifting through hundreds of photos, I narrowed down my top picks and I chose this one. I imagine it was taken sometime in the 80s. (We discovered no one liked writing dates or locations on photos so are guessing dates on many of them.)

I chose this photo because it's the way I'd like to remember her with a sunny smile. I want to push away those images I have of her during her final days. Although her body gave up, her mind was still sharp and that was the most difficult for me and probably her. I'll always remember her strong, feisty will and spirit.


Anonymous said…
Jenn! You can see the spirit in this beautiful Lady. And I see you too. There is no doubt about it - you have some of her features.

Thank you for sharing - I love you and hope that your days get better.

You are a "whatta gal".
Anonymous said…
Wow. Your mom looks just like her.
Anonymous said…
I've already offered my condolences elsewhere, Jenn, but please allow me to say again, "I'm sorry for your and your family's loss." I know exactly what you're going through. Keep her memory alive inside you and she lives on.
jhuber7672 said…
Shep - Yes, a beautiful lady. I'm now working on writing something up for her memorial and learning more about her.

Julie - yes, no doubt my mom's her child :)

The Barefoot - thank you, I truly appreciate you reaching out :)