Food Network's SoBe Wine & Food Festival 2009: Harrah's Casino Night Hosted by Paula Deen

Hey, ya'll! I'm just getting back from Harrah's Casino Night hosted by Paula Deen out on South Beach tonight, one of the several Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival events.

My tummy is full - 2 months of gym workouts are out the window and my spirits are lifted with the sweet apple martinis thanks to Kettle One Vodka. Some of Paula's yummy dishes were served included BLT salad, creamed spinach, and oyster po boys.

Enjoy some of the images of the evening. As you'll see Guy Fieri (!!!!) made an appearance along with The Neelys. In this photo, Paula is referring to them as "her children" and said she's been watching them blossom.

Ain't that sweet :) Checkout my Flickr stream for more images (high res images available). As you'll see, I was spitting distance to Guy and Paula, not that I would spit on them. Tomorrow is the interactive cooking class with Guy.

Check out my article about the Barilla Interactive Lunch with Guy Fieri.


Anonymous said…
okay, i like totally need to get a haircut like paula's! i would look so stylin', don't you tink??
Anonymous said…
Wow, you snapped a few really nice pix! Great job!

If I were next to Guy, I sure would be tempted to spit on him, but no, cuz that'd be gross. I've met him several times and he was a complete jerk. Oh, not at these kind of public events, but in a more private setting, he was awful. Just really awful, mean, rude and insulting. ugh.

Paula is amazing, and the Neely's are incredibly sweet. There's so much to do at these food festivals! They're fun! Crowds can be a total drag, but so many yummy things to eat and drink, and alot of great people to meet. Hope you enjoy!