Another Angel Looking Over Me

After yesterday's post wondering why Grandma hadn't ended her journey, I received a call just after 6 this morning and I immediately knew what it was. Grandma was gone and finally at peace.

Due to my organization's bereavement policy, I went to work and plan on heading into the office at least tomorrow and Wednesday (I have to take days off consecutively vs. piecemeal). Any type of celebration of her life will occur sometime next week, maybe even next weekend.

Tonight was spent sorting through Grandma's "things." I realize things don't make up one's life, but the most revealing were newspaper clippings and photos she kept, dating back to when she and my grandpa were kids. The newspaper clippings were primarily about her experience as the head cafeteria lady (in charge of the menu and nutrition) in a school in the Sarasota School District. In the 1970s she was a leader by reforming lunches and offering nutritious options and making food from scratch. She had rid the school of bad sugars and ensured there were options for even the finickiness kid.

Sifting through the remnants of her life reminded me there was another dimension to her. Not only was she an amazing grandma who made the best everything to eat (and whom I owe my voluptuous figure) she was a community leader, mother, wife, and modern woman.