Worden Farm: Week 6, 2009 Farm Share, Cauliflower

More good stuff in this week's Worden Farm (in Punta Gorda, Fla.) veggie share, cauliflower is the new item. And, I'm very excited the fixings (sans tomatoes, but I have some left over from last week) for guacamole were included in this week's box(avocado, cilantro, and chives). Yum! I can make it like my friend barb showed me while in Mexico.I've been truly enjoying eating the fresh vegetables and can really tell a difference with my body and how I feel. I also dared to step on the scale today at the gym and have lost 5 pounds since New Year's. At this rate, I'll meet my goal weight in no time! The easiest way to prepare the veggies is to make stir fry, which is what I usually do on nights I pick up my farm share.Pictured is last week's stir fry, which I put atop jasmine rice and add a few grilled shrimp (grilled on my George Foreman. Notice the yellow pot clip on the stir fry pan? Got that gadget for Christmas and it's handy for placing my spoon on the edge without worrying about it falling in or off and catching on fire - which I accidentally left a burner on and scorched my wooden spoon a couple of months back. Oops! I was wondering where that campfire scent was coming from...

Anyway, you can pick a pink pot clip here on Amazon.