Waiting's the Hardest Part

That's a Tom Petty song, isn't it? "Waiting's the hardest part"?

I think he sings something like that. Being somewhat drained from the emotion of dealing with grandma's imminent death, the nightly drives to Sarasota, dealing with office budget cuts, additional scrutiny (it wouldn't be appropriate of me to elaborate on that, though I wish I could), and job security, I took a break tonight. It was a somewhat normal evening. Picked up my veggie box (I know - I need to post last week's box), ran to the gym, and prepared a somewhat healthy meal. Strange, I never tire of rice (with Mexican hot sauce), veggies, and shrimp. Yum! (Side note, I've lost 8 pounds since Christmas. Something's working and I know it wasn't the box of chocolate covered malt balls I consumed in two consecutive days during stress binges; but maybe it was the Starbucks Frappuccino and banana for dinner last night.)

I'll make the journey to Sarasota tomorrow after work. Just wish I could find something to pass the idle time. I wish I could write, blog, social network, edit, and upload photos. And I really wish Star Trek would become reality sooner than later, I want to teleport!

What's going through my mind right now? Wondering if Grandma's wishing someone would turn off the Big Band music which has been playing continuously for 72 hours.


Anonymous said…
Yes, The waiting is horrendous. You don't want her to go, but you don't want her to have to be here, like this. You know wanting her to stay is human, but you want her the way she was and that you will always have in the memories in your heart. Hell, Girl I don't want Gramma to die either and I only met her a few times. But that is the kind of wonderful lady she is! She makes an imprint on your heart in just one visit. I am thinking of you and your family.