Two Days, Two Q-tip Incidents. Is it Time for a Dodge Durango?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and/or Facebook you know grandma isn’t doing well and I’ve made the journey to Sarasota the past two nights to see her in the hospital. Yesterday I was hit by some Dodge boat-thing driven by a Q-tip, you know, little old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel and all you see is a puff of white hair (i.e.: a Q-tip).

In her mind, she feels because she stopped, didn’t turn on her signal and backs up with me at least 5 feet behind her, that I’m in the wrong. She admitted to seeing me but felt I was too close so she decided to continue backing up until she hit my car. Long story short, her friend sweet talks me into not doing anything about it (only cosmetic damage) and proceeds to tell me, the Q-tip is 91 years-old.

Since my car’s paid off, I got thinking, should I be looking at trading up for some bigger car, like a bright red Dodge Durango, so I can win these Q-tip collisions? Check out the hybrid one in the photo. Ain't it sweet?

If yesterday wasn’t bad enough, I went up to the hospital today and while driving up the parking ramp, a dude looking about 100 (and really a Cue ball vs. a Q-tip) decides to stop and start backing up. Not again! I was at least 5 car lengths away and put the car in reverse to avoid being hit again. Good thing I did, he came within centimeters of me. At least he gave me an apologetic look when he drove by.

Okay, definitely a sign I need to look into a bigger vehicle, like a 2009 Dodge Durango. It’s nice having a car paid off, especially in this economic climate, but my friends at the Car Connection are making it easy for me to determine if this type of vehicle is for me. Over at the site I can look at Dodge Durango reviews and even get quotes for the vehicle, insurance, financing, and check the classifieds for a car near me.

While I contemplate if I need some new wheels to take on the Sarasota streets, I’ll be parking on a side street on tomorrow’s visit to the hospital.

Photo courtesy of Car Connection.