Have I Told You I'm Attending Obama's Inauguration?

Saturday I fly out to D.C. on a pretty cheap flight (under $200, direct from Sarasota to D.C.) to be part of history when Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States (and can't forget Joe Biden!).

Thanks to my friend Cordelia, whom I met during the trip to Afghanistan three years ago (was it that long ago?), I have a ticket for the swearing-in ceremony.

So what will I be doing other than attending Obama's swearing-in ceremony? Checkout my recent article, "My Plans for Barack Obama's Inauguration." And be sure to read ALL the way through to see the groovy jewelery I commissioned from Carnivale Creations. Miss Becky can create any themed jewelry that you need. Check her out!

Anyway, be sure to follow my blog and Twitter feed to read what I'm up to. So much is going on to celebrate the inauguration and I'm excited to be part of this historic event.