Day 4: My Trip to D.C. for the Inauguration - Photos

Okay, I skipped Day 3 and Day 4 is going to be brief because I have an inaugural ball to prepare for! But, today was incredible, filled with emotions of hope and promise. It seems as though it's a chance at a fresh start.

It was also a frustrating day with standing in line after line wedged in with others. I realize it could've gotten really ugly if people lost their tempers, thankfully that didn't happen. It was jammed packed on the Metro, then waiting to get into our seating area for the swearing in ceremony, then waiting to return back to our accommodations.

Here's a link to some photos taken yesterday and today. Below is me and Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel and below that I'm at Obama's swearing-in ceremony.
Oh, I was named as someone to follow on Twitter for Inauguration updates. I really need AT&T to be flexible and allow me to purchase an iPhone!!


Anonymous said…
i am just digging the hell out of your twitter reports and pix and blog! (and will even forgive you for socializing with that disaster-hunting moron jim cantore! oh, wait, did i type that out loud?)

did you get to see pete seeger with bruce springsteen singing "this land is your land"? saw the youtube version and it gave me shivers and brought a tear to this old hippie's eye.

Anonymous said…
Twitter this, Jenn!

You are incredible, and I felt like I was there. I tried to follow the events live on my work computer, but they were so frozen.
Too many million trying to do the same thing I guess.

I am so happy you had this experience. We all look forward to a FULL report and what event you went to last night. Did you ever get to see the President and our lovely First Lady?

And Ben's Chili Bowl??? A landmark I am guessing. I will google it.

Safe travels.