Quirky Kitsch Girl's Favorite Things from Sarasota's Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Oprah shares her annual list of favorite things and I'm sharing mine from a visit to the Atomic Holiday Bazaar in Sarasota yesterday. I've been trying to attend for three years. This year, the moon and stars were aligned and my schedule was free to attend (that and the fact I'm now back living in Southwest Florida).

I dragged ZeldaMae with and although it was a little out of her traditional classic box, she ended up purchasing more unique crafts and goods than I did! There were kitsch crafts and quirky sock monkey monsters. Bold jewelry and slinky scarves. Here's a list of my favorite things from the Atomic Holiday Bazaar:

Square and Rectangle Pendants on Chains. I picked up two made by Flying Heart Jewelry. One is a replica of an old Florida postcard in vibrant colors and on the back it reads, "Florida Girl." I've lived in the Sunshine State more than 10 years, I'm officially declaring myself a Florida Girl. Which probably means big changes ahead - things like that happen. Anyway, I digress...the other has a bird on either side, which reminds me of the Twitter bird.
Hair Sweetness. I picked up this sweet, pink felt barrette in the shape of a flower with a yellow button as the center. Totally out of my box but adorable. It's from Sara Leigh Handbags (check out her handbags, too).
Skin Sin. And finally, I purchased an awesome sugar scrub by Lolablue. I don't like the taste of coffee (usually) but enjoy the scent and this Whipped Latte scrub is wonderful! I've used it three times since purchasing it yesterday and it's not greasy, leaves skin soft, and the scent is subtly sweet and not over the top. The scent and silkiness lasts at least 8 hours. Best of all, it's made from organic ingredients and is parabe and colorant free. Bare Beans is another coffee-scrub but is not as sweetly scented.

Lolablue also makes soy candles (which are better for the environment than non-soy) and other natural sugar scrubs. The company is small, woman-owned company based in North Port, Fla., and they do home parties, too!If I had a little girl to buy for on my Christmas list, I would have picked up an adorable pocket fairy from becca-mari.

And, while I didn't purchase one of the kitsch, handmade bracelets by Dark Carnivale Creations (I loved the one featuring the horror movies like "Creature from the Black Lagoon"), she does commission work and I've contacted her to see if she can create a pendant for a necklace to wear to Obama's Inauguration - because I've mentioned that I'm attending, right (you would've read it here)?

If you couldn't make the Atomic Holiday Bazaar, don't despair. Chances are good it'll be around next December but if you can't wait, check out the event's Web site for a bit of cyber shopping: www.AtomicHolidayBazaar.com.