Local.com: Your Local Yellowpages on Steroids

I’m amazed at some of the questions I receive at work and in my personal life from people wanting information, as if they think I’m the local yellowpages. In a sense, I am. I’m great at doing research in finding the answer and the more difficult it is to find the answer, the greater the game in finding it.

So what have I been asked? This week your personal local yellowpages was asked about locating a $25,000 Christmas light display in a Port Charlotte house. That was a challenge as I found the house which was featured in an HGTV show in 2006 however when I drove past it, there was a for sale sign on the house. Bummer, but I found a substitute in Punta Gorda and you’ll have to check back to this blog to see the video. The other question I was asked was a place to find beer making supplies in the area.

Hmm. After sifting through pages after searching on Google and not finding anything, I remembered my friends at Local.com. In this economic climate it’s important to shop locally.

Think of the site as your local yellowpages on steroids. It’s a melding of Citysearch, Superpages, Yellowpages, and Yelp so when users search for service, a healthy listing is the result. It includes user reviews, business contact information, and driving directions. I used it later in the day to find a video store – I’m the last adult in the U.S. who didn’t have a Blockbuster account (up until tonight). The site also provides driving directions so I didn’t have to rely on my GPS.

Back to the beer making kit – I couldn’t find any on a Google search but when searching Local.com, it pulled up a wine shop that sells wine making supplies and chances are, they’ll sell beer making suppliers. Hurray!

Bookmark Local.com the next time you need a local yellowpages to search for something in your ‘hood. It’s easy, quick, and thorough.