Got a Wish? Tell Santa, He'll Listen

I got a wish for Christmas but since I’m a bit too old to be running out to the mall to stand in line and sit in the big guy’s lap, I took advantage of the high tech communication with CEIVA and shared with Santa my Christmas wish.

CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is a groovy gadget I only thought the Jetson’s would own. Obviously it’s a digital photo frame where you can upload images “the old fashioned way,” directly from the camera or memory card, but here’s the sweet stuff, images can also be sent instantly via cell phone or Internet. (I know, how cool is that?)This frame makes a great gift for people who travel a lot and want to stay connected with a homebody. Imagine watching a spectacular orange sunset and wanting to instantly share the moment. Take the photo with your phone and send it to your loved one who has the CIEVA Digital Photo Frame. And voila! The image pops up.

Anyway, telling Santa that I got a wish was easy. I watched the first portion of the video, entered my name, my Christmas wish (a leather sofa, what else?), and uploaded my photo (just a random shot) and boom, done. My photo appears in the rest of the video in the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame and Santa refers to me by name more than once. In a nice Santa-type font, my Christmas wish is scrolled in his book and a helpful elf verifies indeed, I’ve been a good girl this season.

Got a wish? Go tell Santa and see the digital photo frame’s features. Stick around for the end, make your own video and enter the sweepstakes where someone’s wish will be granted on a daily basis:

One (1) random entry selected for each day of the contest; cash prize of $500 per winner.