Escaping Buffalo in the Nick of Time

I'm back in sunny Florida following a 3-night trip to Buffalo for Christmas. Weather wasn't so bad up there, Christmas Day (arrival day) was cold, probably below freezing, and there was some snow. The next day was in the 30s with rain, which meant the snow was melting. Yesterday saw more warming trends and more rain, lots of rain, the kind that requires an umbrella (which I received a lovely one from one of my sisters but left behind since I didn't have room to carry it back).
And today, I departed Buffalo in the nick of time. A cold front moved in shortly after I departed with hurricane strength wind gusts. The airport canceled inbound and outbound flights. According to Buffalo's WIVB, the Buffalo Niagara Airport reported wind gusts of 75 mph at 8:30 this morning, 10 minutes after my flight departed. This explained the awful turbulence on the flight to Tampa, the kind that jerked around a bit and had my stomach doing flips.

"Planes don't fall out of the sky," is my mantra I chanted in my head on this journey. Eventually the air smoothed out.

I gotta tell ya, I've forgotten what a luxury it is to fly direct. I flew Southwest Airlines which offers direct service between Tampa and Buffalo.

I realize the included photo doesn't have anything to do with flying but I love it. It was taken at the Millard Fillmore House in East Aurora.