Brunch in the Sky with Dinner in the Sky Events at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

I need to run to a reception but wanted to post a couple of photos from this afternoon's brunch in the sky with Dinner in the Sky Events at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. What a phenomenal experience! I admit to being a little "scared" once up there and looking down. It was one of those, "what was I thinking" moments, but after overcoming my fear, life was good at 157 feet above the ground.

Videos and more coming soon, stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
Ack! I was wondering if they'd belt you in. I had lunch at a quirky little restaurant in Pierson today and on the wall they had a 1930s promotional poster from a NYC hotel, the Waldorf I think, showing "Lunch Time" with a waiter and several people eating dozens of stories above ground on the steel girders of the building under construction. Made me think of you!
Anonymous said…
This one will be hard to top!!
Anonymous said…
I am SO excited you were able to go! I hope you enjoyed it! We'll catch up more later.
Anonymous said…
Jenn, you have guts! What an experience for you. But not me.
I am afraid of heights (unless I'm in an airplane).

So, my hat is off to you!

You go, Girl.

jhuber7672 said…
Sandra - LOL! That poster fits perfectly to the experience.

Anon - I'm thinking Obama's inauguration will top this.

Kathy - it was absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime experience; I feel so lucky to have been chosen for the opportunity.

Shep - hugs to you :)