Blue Angels Coming to Punta Gorda in March 2009

A pair of Blue Angels were in town last week to scope out the Charlotte County Airport (PGD) digs to make sure it was sufficient for them to perform during the 2009 Florida International Air Show March 21 & 22, 2009.

I met Lt. Amy Tomlinson, the lead for this visit (not quite the Top Gun experience I was expecting but very cool a woman was in command). After talking to the Air Show folks, I got really excited about the event and can't wait, especially since they said they'd grant me access to the V.I.P. party on that Friday night - sweet! I've never been to an airshow and not sure what to expect.As for the photo, I like to brag that I was let onto the airport's tarmac without taking my shoes off (you know - going through airport security to get ON a plane one must take off their shoes). Security was tight, there was a flock of law enforcement officials watching my every move.

Check out my Flickr photos for more images from that day and stay tuned for March when the Blue Angels take flight in Punta Gorda.


Anonymous said…,wow ! Lucky. I have hung around the Air Show crowd a time or two and its good to see that the alcohol consumption has dropped from years past.
Still,you may be a little surprised to see pilots tossing a few back before the show the next day.
jhuber7672 said…
I'll see if I can score some extra tix :) I've never been to an air show and seeing the pilots kick 'em back the night prior is NOT something I want to see. But, I'm sure it happens.