Playing in the Sand on Fort Myers Beach

I'm about ready to call it a night but before I do, here's an image from the American Sandsculpting Championship Festival going on through tomorrow on Fort Myers Beach. The champion will be named tomorrow evening and although the sand sculptures are amazingly incredible, it's one heck of an ordeal to get out there, so I won't be there for the big announcement.

The Festival encourages people to take a trolley. Public transportation is all fine and good but between waiting for the trolley and riding it , I probably spent 3.5 hours doing that and one hour at the event.

Oh well, what else did I have to do today? Below is a photo of my favorite sculpture called "Jack's View Above the Clouds and Over the Moon," by John Gowdy. Can you see Jack? He's Jack in the Beanstalk. There really were some impressive sand sculptures and I hope to post some more photos soon.


Anonymous said…
I am always impressed with the skill of the artists. Working in sand must test your patience.
One of the best beach sand sculpture events I ever attended was at Harrison Hot Springs in B.C.
Here is a link to that one to check if you get a chance :