Mexico Happenings

Is it Wednesday? I'm losing track of time but yes, it's Wednesday, my fourth day in Mexico. This will be a brief post to let everyone I'm okay, I'm not drinking the water, driving at night, or talking to (most) strangers.

Barb's been a great hostess driving me around the Lake Chapala region and driving through rural Mexico. Can tell many Mexicans haven't seen a "gringo," just by their reaction. It's fun to see how their look of suspicion turns to happiness when I utter the simple word, "hola."

Yesterday was a trip to see the majestic white pelicans. We think we have white pelicans in Florida and I must admit, the ones I saw on Lake Chapala just blew the Florida ones away. It was incredible to see them feeding - with help from the local fishermen.

There may be another post before I fly home on Saturday, maybe not. But so far, I can say my stress level is melting and I'm learning to forget what I should.

Happy Thanksgiving!