Gators Don't Wear Stinkin' Leashes!

Last month I teased you with this post about wanting to stage what I'd consider a pretty funny scene - walking an alligator, on a leash, in a Florida rest area in front of one of those signs which read, "pets must be on a leash" or "pet walking area."

Well, ST from Babcock Wilderness Adventures along with a gator, rode up with me to an event at the northern part of the state. The alligator proved to be popular and drew a lot of people to our booth and kept them at the booth longer.

Afterwards, we tried to implement my plan. A coworker had given me a cat collar and cat leash. ST slipped the collar around the gator's neck, all the while the little guy snapped. Once around his body and placed on the grass, in front of a sign, the gator sensed freedom and made a dash to the bushes.

In the meantime, one traveler was walking his two corgis and stopped. "I haven't seen anyone walk one of those around here," was his response.

Another woman walked up with her fuzzy little dog and said, "I've driven cross country with my lizard on a dashboard but never saw anyone traveling with one of those."

In the meantime, a couple of cars saw what we were doing and stopped to watch the spectacle, of ST trying to loop a collar on a gator. I attempted to put the collar on it and got a little nervous when it snapped at me a couple of times. I mean, look at its razor teeth in the photos!

Well, we didn't get video but a couple of snapshots, which you can see on Picasa.


Matthew said…
That's hilarious. Gators don't really have necks that are suited to collars. Would've been even funnier if you could find a fluffy pink collar for it.