Election Day's Around the Corner, Who Ya Gonna Vote For?

Well, Election Day is about here and if you don't live in one of the early voting states, you have a big choice to make. (Those of us in early voting states probably already voted.) Living in a swing state has been fun with all the campaigning that's been going on. I just wish I lived in a more populated city so I could have seen all of the candidates.

But, I did pretty good by seeing Gov. Sarah Palin in Tampa last weekend. Read more about it here and view the slideshow here.

Yesterday was Sen. Hillary Clinton stumping for Barack Obama in Winter Park, Fla. Read more about it here and view the slideshow here.

Last month was Gov. Bill Richardson (whom I think is the most qualified to be President of the United States) campaigned for Barack Obama in Port Charlotte. Read about my perspective of the event here (no slideshow).

It's been interesting and I'm glad I took in "both" sides to form my own opinion on who to cast my ballot for. I'd like to write up an opinion piece on my perspectives on the differences (and similarities) between the Democratic and Republican parties based on attending these rallies. Some bits may be politically incorrect. We'll see. I have a couple of other articles in mind ahead of that, including a post about gators don't wear stinkin' leashes.