Airstream Ranch - If Only I Had the Guts to Tow One

I finally made it to Airstream Ranch on I-4 in Dover, Fla.! If you've driven along I-4 and noticed silver Airstreams lined up in a field, that's Airstream Ranch at Bates RV, an Airstream dealer.

I'm not sure why I have a fascination with them, but I just love Airstreams. Maybe because it reminds me of an almost perfect time in history, the 1950s and 1960s. I know it wasn't perfect but that's the perception. When I stopped by earlier in the week, I asked to walk out to the display of upright RVs but was told I couldn't. Bummer. But, I grabbed a photo while whizzing by earlier this fall. I did get to walk in the display area of vintage Airstreams.

There's debate as to whether the display of RVs can stay. Is it art or an eyesore? I say art. What do you think?


Anonymous said…
I like the retro look of the classic Airstream design.Unfortunately like so many trailers and some RV's they are way too enclosed and lack enough windows.I don't care for the sardine feel but I do enjoy the rugged construction of the Airstream's.
I don't like the Airstream Art much. Seems like a waste of a trailer that should be restored not destroyed.
Anonymous said…
I think the Airstreams that Bates uses for the display are ones that were damaged and written off by insurance companies.
I think it's cool! Airstreams are an American icon. Classic, sleek lines. A great example of atomic age design.