Very Sweet Gesture from a Florida Republican

My last post this week was about my (mis)-adventures of going to Governor Sarah Palin's rally in Fort Myers. Cartoonist, Florida Republican, and acquaintance Rob Smith, Jr., heard about my incident.

I'm attending meetings in St. Augustine this week in which Rob's talented wife, travel writer Sandra Friend, who also runs the Florida Hikes! Web site, is also attending. While walking to the meeting site this morning, I run into Rob (not literally) and he began to apologize about Monday's debacle.

Rob wasn't involved with organizing the rally but since that's his party, he felt compelled to apologize, which I thought was extremely nice of him to do.

Later that evening during dinner, Rob pulled out a couple of buttons he's created for the McCain-Palin Ticket and I got to keep the one above. Have to admit, I love it!

Thanks, Rob. And for the rest of you reading this, be sure to check out his blog and his fabulous sketches.