Navigationally Challenged No More (At Least That's the Plan)

I did it. I broke down and purchased a GPS yesterday, a Garmin nüvi 205, Best of all, the fashionable navigation unit matches my laptop, it's pink! I'm not superficial, I didn't purchase it because it's pink, I purchased it because it seemed pretty straightforward to use and get me from point A to point B. I can use it when walking, too. Or, if I get really adventurous, I can mount it to my bike.Not sure if I'll be able to use it for geocaching, though. I looked at hand-held GPS units and I didn't have the patience to figure them out.

I'll take it out for a spin tomorrow and this week but will really break it in next weekend when I head to Lafayette, La. Not only will I be using it to navigate in and around Cajun country, I'll be using it to visit the International Rice Festival.

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