Mexico's Around the Corner

Four weeks from tomorrow is Thanksgiving which also means my trip to Mexico will be about over. I'm very excited about the trip and seeing my friend barb. I have so much to do before then - work-wise, which means the trip will be here before I know it.

Where am I going? To a place called Jocotepec, near Guadalajara. What will I be doing? Hanging out with Barb and exploring. She's been working on an itinerary and I'd be happy doing whatever because it'll all be new to me.

Next on my docket is a trip to the Florida-Georgia border tomorrow with an alligator in the backseat. A live alligator. The handler will be with me, too. My grand plan is to stop at a rest area or two, put a leash on the gator and walk it in the pet rest area and record it. Can you image the look those people's faces who are walking their little fluffy dogs then see an alligator on a leash? Don't worry, it's not a big one, only about a foot long. We'll see if we're able to pull this off. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the Gator. I am looking forward to the photos,
Anonymous said…
OMG! My family is from that area of Mexico. Me parents went there and met family was really cool!
jhuber7672 said…
Keith - Turns out gators don't like wearing collars or leashes so things didn't go as planned *sighed*

Kathy - ya know, I think we talked about that. Very cool! If you have any tips, let me know :)