Hide 'n Seek with Delta?

I'm a frequent flyer and admit to not always paying attention during the flight attendants' spiel. I know where the exits are and know not to tamper with the smoke detector in the bathroom. I know how to put the oxygen mask on. I know when to turn on my approved electrical devices.

But during last night's flight from Atlanta to Sarasota-Bradenton, the flight attendant said something I never heard before. When talking about the "what if" scenario if the plane lands in water, "Your life vest is located either in between the seats or under your seat."

Well, which is it? Do the flight attendants only reveal the location if the plane's going down? Honestly, in that "what if" scenario, I don't want to be guessing where it is, I want to KNOW where it is. I'm going to be too busy praying and planning my escape route to the nearest exit (which is located behind me).

Rather than being the annoying passenger and ask where mine was, I decided if a "what if" scenario arose, I'd just use my seat cushion, which doubles as a flotation device.


Anonymous said…
Flight attendants either read or memorize briefings. Sometimes they are not paying anymore attention than the passengers when they do the briefing. I listened to a briefing that suggested that track floor lighting would lead to an exit.
When I asked the attendant after the briefing if she could point out the track floor lighting she had to admit that she could not. There was side seat lighting that would illuminate instead.I have heard and seen worse briefings but that is a whole blog in itself,LOL
jhuber7672 said…
Too funny. I once heard a flight attendant refer to the oxygen mask as a cottage cheese cup; guess she was seeing if anyone was paying attention.