Fun Photos from My St. Augustine Trip

Was in St. Augustine this week for meetings. Had some free time to explore the U.S.'s oldest city but not as much as I would've liked. Yesterday afternoon was rainy but this morning was fabulous. Immediately below is a photo of a door. It doesn't have any particular significance other than it caught my attention with the rusted knocker and barred window.

Today's lunch was at the Columbia Restaurant (home of the delish 1905 salad, yum!). The (unscheduled) entertainment was a dynamic duo outside the restaurant. What a cool dog!

[Note about the photo: No, that's not a ghost in the photo but a reflection in the window of a drinking glass.]

My next home will be an Airstream. Okay, probably not, but I love Airstream travel trailers and if I had the guts to drive one, I'd own one. I've now stopped twice in three weeks to visit quirky Airstream Ranch at Bates RV, exit 14 off I-4, and both times, it's been closed. This is where the silver cylinders on wheels are buried in the earth, arranged like Stonehenge. I had to take the photo below while driving by. Pretend the two pick up trucks aren't there to enjoy the full image.Next week is my trip to Lafayette, La., and I can't wait! I need to get busy doing some more research about that city.