Five Down, One to Go

Debts, that is. I'm doing the happy dance. I've said buh-bye to five creditors this year and I have one more to go in order to be COMPLETELY debt free. I'm not going to say how much debt I've accumulated since college but it was a big chunk o' change and more than many people's salaries, including my own. I always thought I'd be carrying it with me but was slowly chipping away at it and knew eventually I'd be debt free, maybe when I'm 60.

I've said it before, but I'm indebted to my ex. (Yes, I have a little shrine to remind me every day that in the grand scheme of things, he cared about me and was looking out for me; and, I'd trade the funds to have him alive.)

This year I paid off a 12-year boat loan (note to others: NEVER finance a boat for 12 years and if there's no reason to put your name on a loan, DON'T do it!), my car (five-year loan), and three credit cards. I have one card to go and will continue to put available funds towards that with a goal of being debt free by the age of 40 (I have a year and a half).

I'm planning on building up my emergency fund "just in case." I plan to drive my car into the ground or until the set of wheels I want is dirt cheap. I'll continue to take advantage of coupons and freebies (BTW - be sure to check out a couple of my favorite blogs, Freebies4Mom and the MotherLoad; I'm not a mom but I've learned so much about frugal living and have gotten some great freebies by learning from these gals.) And, knowing I'll have to do my American duty come April 2009, I have a substantial amount saved for anticipated taxes. Ugh.

I had no idea how much debt weighed on me and what a difference it makes to be closer in being 100% debt free.


Matthew said…
I've been fortunate with debt--don't have any. I'm hoping I won't have any problems when I move back to the states. Might have to take out a loan to send my wife back to college. Guess I better find a really good job.