Celebrating Being Sassy and Single: National Singles Week (Sept. 21 - 27, 2008)

There seems to be a day, week or month for everything these days so why not an entire week devoted to us sassy and single Americans? For about 20 years, the third week in September has been designated Unmarried and Single Americans Week (or National Singles Week).

I have to admit, before today, I never heard of it. I even discovered there's an association for single peeps, Unmarried America. From what I gather, the purpose of the week is to educate government and society as a whole the contributions single people make. After all, there are about 100 million unmarried/single people (those who fit into this category are those unmarried or uncoupled) in the U.S., which puts singles in the majority.

The site has some other fun trivia about the single population and ideas on how to celebrate the week. Local governments around the country have recognized the week with proclamations and is endorsed by organizations, such as ACLU and NOW.

With it being National Singles Week, suppose the best thing you can do for your single friends is to buy them lunch and give them a hug.


Anonymous said…
Ironically enough, as Leah pointed out to me yesterday when I commented on your Tweet, when it comes to the US government, we are considered single too. But here's a hug coming your way.
jhuber7672 said…
Aw, shucks. Thanks, I needed that :)