What's the Word in Washington County, Oregon?

I love it when destination management organizations "get it" and jump into the 21st century with social networking. Such as the case with Washington County, Oregon. Earlier this summer they launched the "What's the Word" blog, a venue for residents and visitors to share their experiences about Washington County (which is located west of Portland).

When the blog launched, a contest was held (including a two-night stay in Washington County) and since I love Oregon (even though I've been once), I threw in my two cents. Read what I'd like to do in the comments of this post.

They have a sake brewery - how cool is that? And a rock and gem museum, I'm sure that really rocks! (Yes, pun intended.) And Nike headquarters are based there.

Someday I'll get to visit. So many places, so little time...*sigh*


Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by our site! Let us know if you're ever in Oregon - we'll buy you a drink!