Surprise, Surprise. Georgia Bigfoot Body is a Hoax

In May 2007 I was in Atlanta and spotted a Searching for Bigfoot vehicle and blogged about it here.

Fast forward to this month and the hype surrounding Bigfoot's body being found in the Georgia woods. A press conference was held last Friday in California with the folks from Searching for Bigfoot to reveal their find (read the article on "Bigfoot Press Conference Reveals...Little").

Today, revealed the Bigfoot body was a costume and a hoax (read the article: "Bigfoot Body Revealed to be a Halloween Costume"). Apparently money was involved and now people are pissed for being duped (about 60 members of the media attended the Friday's press conference), at least one is out of a job and there's talk of pressing charges of fraud.

What I want to know is, did the guys who "found" the alleged Bigfoot body and hold the press conference actually think they'd get away with fooling the world? What do they have to gain from this?

So, has anyone seen Bigfoot? Or how about a Florida Skunk Ape? Why does society believe in these fury beasts?


Matthew said…
Bigfoot is a personal friend. I'm helping him with his immigration papers...he went to Mexico for vacation and didn't bring a passport.
David Gerard said…
But how could anyone have ever doubted those guys?