Somethin', Somethin', from Key West: Purely Paradise Soap

So my sister Liz and I went to Key West over the weekend, which happened to be Hemingway Days (to celebrate Ernest Hemingway's birthday, I hope to get stuff on that posted later this week). Included was a little Caribbean Street Festival and both my sister and I contributed to the local economy by making a couple of purchases. Along with the world's most comfortable toe ring(s), I purchased this bar of soap. Yes, this sweet manatee is a bar of soap made by Purely Paradise Soaps. The packaging is simple yet gorgeous and the soap itself looks too pretty to use. It has a lovely, light tropical scent. Lucky visitors will be able to enjoy it, it's in my guest bathroom.

This particular soap is made from goats milk, glycerin, coconut oil and vitamin E. All good stuff!
The mold is custom-made and other designs include a mermaid, dolphins, a sandal and a palm tree. So, if looking for a unique gift, check out the Purely Paradise Soaps site if you can't make it to the Keys!


Matthew said…
What no bust of Hemingway? Now that would make a great guest soap. Not sure what it would smell like though (fish and booze?).