Not Sure What to Say About This Sign: Parking for Menopausal Women Only

It's been a busy week and shorter weekend. As I edit videos, collect thoughts and find the time to blog (and write - I've seemed to have misplaced my writing mojo), enjoy this sign my sister and I spotted in Punta Gorda last week during the Third Thursday Gallery Walk (which was a blast!). This sign is at 212 W. Virginia Ave. (Punta Gorda, Fla.) and not sure if the Creative Window Treatment folks are responsible for it or not (they're a tenant).

Not only is the sign great but I love the flowers beneath it.

So, does anyone have any comments about this sign?


Anonymous said…
i am kind of reminded of a sign in the parking lot area for the restaurant owned by the uncle of my friend linda in new orleans. everybody in new orleans seem to have a nickname and linda's uncle's was Bozo. so the sign in the parking lot solemnly proclaimed "parking for bozo's only!"