Look Out World! Look Who's Vlogging Now

I'm having fun with my Flip Ultra and just put together my first video for YouTube showing bits of the Linger Lodge in Bradenton. I realize it doesn't tell much about the restaurant but there are some fun visuals. Stay tuned for more vlogging and in the meantime, enjoy!


Anonymous said…
I don't see anything!
Anonymous said…
Jenn! That was AWESOME! I love the vlog! And Linger Lodge brought back memories...that place is so random, but serve great gator bites! I hope we can catch up soon! I miss you!!!
Paula+ Keith said…
Ahhh, wow! I am psyched! That was soo cool. You did a great job. I am also messing around with the flip, there are some things I don't like, but it's good to get our feet wet, right? I have a terrible time with the talking part, terrible, terrible. As you shall soon see with my first vlog that I produce (tonight?) Anyhow, that was positively swell.
jhuber7672 said…
Anon - Hmm, not sure how to help you. Are your browsers updated?

Kathy - thanks! It's loads of fun. Miss you too! This summer is going by so quickly.

Paula - yes, definitely think the Flip is good for getting feet wet. I don't like that I can't add memory but I haven't run out yet. Also trying to use the Flip software without it plugged in. But, I shall learn! Looking forward to your vlog posts :)