Don't Feed the Celebs: What the Heck's a Clay Aikitten?

You can see a photo of the allusive Clay Aikitten here, along with the other peculiar animals like the Rottweiller Kelly and the Rosie O'Dung Beetle at the site called "Don't Feed the Celebs." It seems as though Park Ranger Pete is the only one capable of capturing these odd critters in their natural habitats and he's graciously created the site to share his snapshots.

Park Ranger Pete also includes related info about these oddball creatures, like their habitat, known predators, mating habits. He also provides the code so the images can be used on MySpace, Facebook and Friendster profiles. How sweet!

Now go visit "Don't Feed the Celebs"


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the love! I hope you're enjoying the safari, check back often - all types of critters get added every day.

It looks like you've had some experience with animals as well with your Peace River swim. I'm sure you're well on your way to becoming a well-versed Marine Biologist!
jhuber7672 said…
Can't wait for more safari trips!

You're right, there were some interesting critters in the water during the swim :)