Pow Wow 2008: Favorite Booth Display

OK, so it's occurred to me that some of you out there don't know what "Pow Wow" is. Well, it's the largest International Travel Show in the U.S. with nearly 5,000 delegates from across the globe and the U.S. attending.

It's an appointment show where U.S. suppliers, such as destinations, hotels, resorts, attractions, car rental companies, etc. have booths and the buyers, usually international tour operators, run to booths for the appointments. Capish? If not, follow this link.

Now back to my post...

Some companies/destinations go all out in decorating their booths but my favorite two this year were somewhat simple.

See who's riding a mountain bike? That's Elvis representing the state of Nevada. Can you read what it says? "Yes, this is actually Nevada. Thank you very much."

I love it and think it's brilliant! Nevada has tied in the glitz of Las Vegas, Reno and any other gambling town with the rugged outdoors of the state and therefore, appealing to the tree huggers and gamblers. Rock on, Nevada!

The next booth I loved, and I admit to being biased (because I worked for them one point in my career), was Wyoming, specifically Xanterra Parks & Resorts and the old fashioned yellow motor coach. Isn't it cool!? Rick, the Director of Sales, was conducting his appointments in the backseat of the coach. They brought a second coach and used it to shuttle clients to evening events.

And who said riding in a motor coach is uncool? Not I.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jennifer: Thanks for the Yellowstone plug. The Yellowstone bus was another fabulous Rick idea. Judi Lages