Las Vegas Snapshots: Star Trek Experience at the Hilton

So I'm here in Vegas, staying at the Hilton, famous for Elvis and friend Shep (love her!) and her boyfriend Ambrose are here, too.

Enjoy some of last night's snapshots.

Oh! I DID get to meet someone famous, Beverly Washburn (that's us in the photo to the right). She had guest appearances on "Star Trek" Episode 1, 1967, "Old Yeller" and "Leave it to Beaver."


Anonymous said…
Who was the older lady with ya? Looks like it was an interesting time...
jhuber7672 said…
My friend Shep (Sharon) is in the photo with the creature, the other woman is Beverly Washburn.
Anonymous said…
Good job on posting your time in Las Vegas, Jenn.
Yes, I am the "Older Lady". We had fun, and Jenn, you look fantastic!
Keep up your wonderful stories.

Love, Shep