Hunting for Fossils in Florida

I spent today hunting for fossils in the Peace River in Wauchula, Florida. I can't tell you everything I found - not that it's top secret, I can't remember!

I did find: shark's teeth along with fossilized sea urchin spine, piece of a deer's tooth, piece of a mastodon tooth, a snaggletooth shark tooth, oyster shell agate, dugong bone (manatee), turtle shell and turtle leg bone. The small group (three plus the guide) were given our tools: a screen (foam so it floats), shovel and pouch to collect the findings. We waded into the river where we dug and sifted. A four-foot alligator was in our spot when we first went out but he soon swam away.

I went with a Fort Myers-based guiding company called Fossil Expeditions. Mark, the owner and guide, was awesome! He's wealth of information and has a great demeanor about him. This is a great trip for beginners and experienced fossil hunters. I hope to go on another expedition soon.


Matthew said…
Don't think I'd feel too comfortable seeing an alligator in the place where I'm supposed to dig. I guess you might be used to them in Florida though.