Have You Found Hampton's Hidden Landmarks?

Ah, Savannah, the "Hostess City." The Most Haunted City in the U.S. I visited Savannah over the weekend with a friend and during the planning stages, I scoured the Web for unique things to do. Ironically, an excellent resource was an old fashioned book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.

Because of "The Book," as the people of Savannah refer to it, we saw the Lady Chablis (who was born in Quincy, Fla., near Tallahassee) and yes, she is a Lady.

But I digress...

We stayed at a Hampton Inn and I noticed the chain has a feature called "Hampton Landmarks." A site to find the fun, funky, quirky and offbeat in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Enter the destination city and choose an interest. Choose "World's Largest," "Pop Culture" or "Mystery/Tragedy" to find groovy sights to visit. Or, choose "Food," "American History" or "Celebrity" for things maybe considered more mainstream.

Have the inside scoop on a really cool sight but it's not listed? Check the "Lost Landmarks" section to see if it's listed. If so, submit a lead to let the Hampton folks know where to find it. What's lost right now? The tiki idol from "The Brady Bunch," "Dorothy's Ruby Slippers" and "Marilyn Monroe's White Dress."

It's a fun tool and resource. Where did it send us while in Savannah? The sight we chose was Bonaventure Cemetery, specifically Johnny Mercer's grave. And if you read "The Book," you know what people are suppose to do when visiting...