Guerrilla Marketing for God?

Times are tough. We're in a recession and when organizations look at trimming budgets, marketing and advertising budgets are the first targets for making cuts. Big mistake. In tough times, it's smart to continue marketing and advertising efforts, just tweak them to fit the economic times.

So when our organization was asked to review its budget and re-evaluate how we advertise and market, I wondered, how can we promote our destination differently? I've always been a proponent of working with the homeless. Give them 50 bucks a day to stand at an intersection and hand out visitor guides. Or, an absolute guerrilla marketing campaign is to have a team scour every bathroom in sight and scrawl on the stall walls, "For a Good Time Call..."

Every so often I use the stairs when heading home. The office is on the fifth floor and figure it's some exercise. When I reached the ground floor today, sitting on the water pipe was a small white card which read in green writing, "Love can neither be bought nor sold; its only price is love." On the flip side the card read, "Whether in lush green mountaintops or dry desert places, God goes with me as my Guide and my Friend."

How many times have you been to a public restroom and found a message from one of God's followers? Or, the laundromat is another popular message to get the latest message from God. Know anyone who actually picks these bits of propaganda, or, guerrilla marketing for God pieces? My hand is raised.

I don't pick them up because I think I'm going to be saved (I already have my ticket to Heaven), I pick them up because I'm fascinated by the marketing technique. I mean, leaving messages about God and Jesus in bathrooms and laundromats is the ultimate guerrilla marketing technique.

Now little messages about God are being leaved in the office building. Is it a sign? Wonder if it's a clue for a scavenger hunt. Perhaps the green writing is indication I need to head to a golf course to look for my next clue...or sign (green writing = golf greens). Will there be a message tomorrow? If so, I will tell.