Cypress Lodge: Secret Group Retreat in the Florida Woods

I'm learning more about Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands and Friday, spent some of it at Babcock Ranch, specifically the Cypress Lodge.

What a true treasure in the woods!

Originally a hunting lodge, the Cypress Lodge is now an ideal location for corporate retreats and getaways. The lodge has seven rooms and can accommodate up to 11 people (if everyone has their own bed). Bedrooms are configured either with double or twin beds, some with private bathrooms, some with connecting bathrooms.

The lodge is surrounded by the Telegraph Swamp and trees. Florida cracker cattle come to the shore to drink and birds serenade visitors all day long.

The lodge's secluded location makes it ideal to get work done in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Life slows down.

The Cypress Lodge innkeeper is a professional chef so you know retreat attendees will be eating really well.

And who would have thunk this was in Florida?