Syesha Mercado's Free Concert at Sarasota's Ringling Museum

Connections. I have them and use them when absolutely necessary, especially when they're going to give me bragging rights, like yesterday. My Sarasota friends granted me a VIP pass to Syesha Mercado's "American Idol" hometown visit at the Ringling Museum and I had a blast. It's not that I'm an "American Idol" fan (these days, I only watch the auditions) but when local talent is involved, my interest is piqued and I get caught up in the energy. How can you not support the local gal?

Read my article here (which is currently being featured on the homepage of Associated Content - pretty cool). Photos from the concert with Syesha Mercado: Sye (upper left), Fox 13 Tampa Bay newsman Charley Belcher (upper right), "Syclones" (bottom left) and "American Idol" gear.