Snapshots of Micanopy, Florida

I journeyed to Tallahassee over the weekend to clear out the rest of my "things" and clean (a bit. I hired someone to do a proper cleaning). On my way back, I stopped off at the town of Micanopy by chance. My primary destination was Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

I've passed the signs on I-75 for the park dozens of times and figured I wouldn't be this way in a long while so why not, stop off and see where the road leads me.

It led me to the adorable, old Florida town of Micanopy (don't pronounce it like me, it's NOT - my-can-O-pee; PRONOUNCE it - mih-CAN-o-pee) with large Florida oaks dripping with Spanish moss. White magnolia flowers were at their peak of their bloom on the waxy green leaves and I found bright orange tangerines tangling in a nearby yard.

The main street looks like a town from the wild West with brick buildings, sagging and pitted glass and porches with overhangs. I was waiting for cowboys (or Florida Crackers) to come waltzing out of the shops but all I saw were happy antiquers. Some guy was sitting on a wooden bench outside one of the antique shops strumming his guitar.

Ah, this is how life should be on a Sunday afternoon.

Lunch-goers sat on outdoor patios watching the world go by. Some poor soul was hosting a book signing about traveling with his dog. I should have purchased the book from him, his big, sad eyes told me to but I resisted.

But, I did do my patriotic duty and spent some money in Micanopy. I visited the Chamber of Commerce, which doubles as Gallery Under the Oaks, an artists co-op gallery. The art was fabulous. I have a soft spot for folk art and there funky paintings with folksy cows. I resisted. I also resisted the pottery, especially the cute leaf shaped dishes.

I've just spent my savings relocating and should be working on building my savings, but, it's good to support the local economy so I justified my spending by purchasing something I could use. A hand woven throw rug. I know, it doesn't sound exciting, but look at it! (closeup is to the left.) The colors just called my name.

Not sure if I'll ever be able to return, there are so many places to see in the world but this town is absolutely adorable.

There are two fall festivals that look interesting:

35th Annual McIntosh 1890 Festival
- Oct. 18, 2008 (rain or shine)

34th Annual Micanopy Fall Festival - Nov. 1 & 2, 2008


Anonymous said…
Remember that "slippery slope"!!!!!!!????
jhuber7672 said…
*sigh* I would have spent the same at Wal-Mart and it was something I needed :)