Sarasota 5th Annual Firefighter Rib Cook-Off: Firefighters Know Smoky

Saturday was the 5th Annual Firefighter Rib Cook-Off at Phillippi Estate Park so my Mom and I headed out to the festivities. (Mom's in town because my Grandma is having health issues. Anyway...)

We arrived at the rib cook-off shortly after 2 p.m., which is when the event started, which means, we didn't have to wait in line too long.

The way it worked:
15 bucks bought a card valid for four ribs from any of the dozen or so fire stations who prepared the ribs. Yes, only FOUR - it was hard to choose.
Also included was a choice of two sides and a beverage.

Decisions, decisions. Some of the fire stations had samples but for the most part, I just went on looks to determine what to choose. From sweet to smoky and spicy to tangy, I think I tried the best.

And who won? Not sure, we didn't stick around that long, we headed to Jolly Espresso Bar, Gelato-Pastry 's (1296A N Palm Ave., Sarasota) for gelato - yum! A flashback to Italy.


Matthew said…
Can't remember the last time I had ribs... unless you count the lamb ribs that they serve at the Xi'an restaurant nearby (certainly not BBQ).