Puerto Ricans Can Vote in the Presidential Primary But My Florida Vote Still Doesn't Count

I drove up to Tallahassee today and on the radio learned Puerto Rico's presidential primary is June 1. As we know, Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory and as citizens, we don't need passports to visit there. It's part of the U.S., sort of...

I was floored to hear that while the Puerto Ricans get to vote in the U.S. Presidential Primary - which means they get a say in who can run for president, they aren't able to vote in November's Presidential Election.

But what made me more confuzeled was while my vote I cast in the January Florida primary won't count towards selecting a 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate, a territory will be able to have a say in who runs but not a final say in who wins.

Granted, I live in Florida and we don't know how to vote so who says my vote will count in November anyway?

Something just doesn't seem right. Why doesn't my vote count to pick a candidate? Why can someone who can't vote in the 2008 Presidential Election be able to select a candidate in the presidential primary? Why can't Puerto Rico vote in the Presidential Election? If I were a Florida Republican, at least half of my vote would have counted in the primary.

Is Rush Limbaugh reading? Sean Hannity? (Yes, I admit to listening to these men's shows.) Howard Dean? Anyone care to share and enlighten me?


Cordelia said…
Your vote doesn't count because your statewide elected officials made a bad deal and broke the party rules.

I hope in the end Floridians will realize this and take their frustrations out locally not on the national candidates.

And that is said by a Hillary Clinton supporter who sure wishes Florida had just followed the rules so we could get their delegate fair and square!
jhuber7672 said…
The thing is, we, the FL voters, didn't want to break the national party rules and the Republic Gov. signed the move! I didn't even vote for either of the Dem. candidates who are still in the game but I want my vote to count *sigh*

I still don't understand why Puerto Ricans can vote in the primary but not in the presidential election. Aren't they ticked about that?